Throwback: Global Village 2013-2014

Global Village is Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction with a unique shopping experience at 31 pavilions each representing a different country. Global Village also offers a variety of dining options from different cuisines, along with thrill rides and children rides at the Fantasy Island.


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Famous Attractions in Iloilo, Philippines


Iloilo is strategically located at the heart of the Philippines – a fact which makes it easy for this premier province to be looked up to as the regional capital of Western Visayas. Yes, just a relatively short trip, and you will be magically transported to a unique environment, a fantastic destination of alluring sights.

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Aklan: Paintings at the Museo it Akean

These are some of the lovely paintings on display at the Museo it Akean (Aklan Museum) made by popular Aklanon visual artists the likes of Sumra I. dela Cruz-Rojo. The museum is located at the corner of Martelino and Archbishop Reyes Streets in the Ati-Atihan town of Kalibo, the capital province of Aklan, Philippines.


It is housed in a one-storey building then known as “Eskuylahan it Hari” or School of the King. It was constructed during the Spanish occupation. The museum showcases artifacts reflecting Aklan’s history and legacy.

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Festival Dolls and Precious Moments Collection at Sampaguita Gardens Resort

Festival Dolls and Precious Moments collections at Sampaguita Gardens Resort in New Washington, a fishing town on the eastern side of the province of Aklan, Philippines.


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Aklan: The Sam J. Butcher Mansion

The SJB Mansion is one of the attractions at the Sampaguita Gardens Resort in New Washington, a fishing town on the eastern side of Aklan, Philippines. The mansion was constructed to serve as the retirement home of Sam Butcher of Precious Moments fame.


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