Money remittance expert extends a helping hand to OFWs in distress

Raquel C. Ignacio-Aquino, Head Sales for GCC, Trans-Fast Remittance, Dubai

raquel 1

From her cubicle as a Sales Staff Assistant in Makati City to her fully-furnished office in metropolitan Dubai, as Business Development Manager for GCC and SEA then as Head Sales for GCC of Trans-Fast, the story of this Filipina achiever is arguably one that is inspiring and worthy of our attention.  Continue reading

Entrepreneur bares secrets of a happy life

Rosie Punzalan-Aquino, Founder, Philippine Tailoring Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Rosie Punzalan Aquino is known in the Filipino community as a successful car dealer and an entrepreneur. A compassionate lady, Rosie’s knack for business comes from perseverance and luck.  Continue reading

World-class Filipino doctor makes waves in Dubai

Dr. Dennis J. Rotairo, Consultant-General Medicine, uniCare Medical Centre

doc rotairo 1

This physician provides medical care to the Filipino community in the emirates. He handles and manages acute and chronic Internal Medicine and simple surgical cases in the center.  Continue reading

How to enjoy an incredible, powerful existence. Filipina shares her success story.

Wafa R. Kasimieh, Senior Advisor, Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Government of Dubai

wafa 1

For Wafa Roscales Kasimieh, it’s more than a plaque or recognition that we can brag to the public for it entails dedication and long term fulfillment of dreams that we envision for our fellow countrymen.  Continue reading

Filipino nurse sets good example in Dubai

geof 1

Considered as one of the dedicated employees of the Government of Dubai under the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS), Geoffrey Panganiban has proven that Filipinos have the power to make this world a better and safe place to live in.  Continue reading