Filipino executive flies high in Middle East and Africa

Manager, Technical and Web Communications, Nikon Middle East FZE


Cesar Julius V. Parroco, Jr. is one Filipino overseas who has earned respect and admiration from the locals and his fellow expatriates. 

He had been in Dubai for 14 years and counting the days he first set on the desert, there is no question that he had achieved much for his family and the Filipino community.

When words seem not enough

His appointment as Manager of Technical and Web Communications allows him to travel in and out of the United Arab Emirates almost on a weekly basis. He juggles a dual role which to him is “both challenging and exciting.”

“Since everything now is digital, the focus of the company’s marketing activities is into this arena and I am filling the role of managing its online strategy that includes its social media network not only in the Middle East but as well the whole of Africa.”


Under his wings are the activities of Nikon School, a Nikon educational initiative for the community by teaching not only basic courses to new buyers of digital SLR camera but also delivering advance sessions to advance enthusiast.  Oftentimes, he also acts as a resource person for queries related to camera operation and technical details.

This proud son of Bacolod City loves to tell stories but admits that he’s not excellent in communicating with words.  Through photographs, he expresses what he feels and what he thinks when words seem not enough. Indeed, this art medium has changed the way he looked at life.

“When you love photography, you begin to notice little things and you become curious in everything. This medium has allowed me to meet a lot of incredible people especially those who share the same passion with me.  I believe I got into this because I am the kind of person that always wants to learn something new.  I believe that whatever you’ve learned now will be with you forever and even to your next life.”

His interest was developed when he joined his first company in Brunei Darussalam. “The boss was a painting fanatic. This is where I have learned how to appreciate the value of paintings, color, compositions and feelings that go with a painting even though I don’t know how to paint. This is the time when I was exposed to some camera gears.”

What success means

He is now 42. Despite his success, he doesn’t consider himself a full time photographer. “I am much involved in the education part of photography but my second interest is in internet technologies.”

Nevertheless, photography has become a significant part of his life. “I am putting food on the table through this. I am not doing any side line jobs now because of my work schedule but I still wake up early in the morning and take pictures just out of sheer passion.”


The most important aspect of his photography now is capturing precious moments of his family.  Rocky is married to Lou Olvido-Parroco, who is a Human Resource Director of Canadian Energy Equipment Manufacturing. They have two children – Patrick, 13 and Pia Bianca, 9.

“I share the same spirit of adventurism with my wife, traveling is our passion and knowing to take good pictures comes in handy.”

“I love to take pictures of people. I believe there is more story in the picture than just a picture of a person. If you look at a picture intently for a moment, you can tell in the subject person’s eyes how that person is feeling or thinking about the world around him. I also enjoy taking landscape photographs as I enjoy the sight of nature.”


No finish line

To those who are inspired by what he has greatly achieved, this he has to say. “If you are starting, it’s fine to emulate existing works, knowing how they are doing it but you should not stop there, you have to create your own style so that people will see the uniqueness in your work.”

“My professional life in Nikon involves a lot of travelling.  In fact, in the past months almost every week I am out of Dubai. I also had a chance to travel to different parts of the world with my family particularly in Europe and the Americas.”

“I don’t think I am really that successful.  To become successful is to think that you are not successful, that way, you continue to pursue excellence in your work.” He believes in what Sheikh Mohammed said, “There is no finish line in the road to excellence.”


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IMG_3984THE BLOGGER. Ulysses Espartero is a journalist, historian and book author who traces his roots from two Philippine jewels – Laguna and Antique.  While in Dubai, he enjoyed his expat life documenting the struggles and victories of migrant workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. He has released two books – Precious Gems in a Desert of Gold (2014) and Filipino Heroes in the Gulf (2016). Connect with him on facebook.



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