Two Great Wonders of Bohol


While Bohol, aptly called “God’s Little Paradise”, has emerged as a prime tourist destination in the Philippines, I can think of two things that keep travelers coming to this island. These points of interest are the Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. Continue reading

A Fun Experience With Skin-Nibbling Fish


“I never thought that resisting was futile and letting fish eat me alive could be such a fun experience … I dipped my feet on the beginner tank on the first day then happily came back for the Extreme and Super Extreme Fish Tank the next day. Continue reading

Antique: where the mountains meet the sea


Image Credit: Loida Cordova

There are so many things to say and write about Antique. Profiled like a seahorse, Antique, which is composed of 18 municipalities, is an oversized serrated hemline on the western border of the three-cornered scarf-like land mass that is Panay – geographically part of Western Visayas in the Philippines. Continue reading