Exit to Kish 13 times: Secretary-turned-Hotel Director shares her story of survival, victories


It was not an easy road for this Ilocana. She had exited to Kish Island for 13 times for a change visa, a remarkable feat only few women dared to triumphantly accomplished. In the United Arab Emirates, an expat has to go to exit either to Oman or Iran to avail of a new visa for a new job.  Continue reading

From Working Abroad to Farming: A Journey of Trust and Respect


This article never saw print. Few days after I did this interview in his office, Dubai-based entrepreneur Angelo Timbol passed away. This time, I feel privileged to post his inspiring story, which to my mind, is so far the last story written of the man highly regarded by the Filipino community leaders in the United Arab Emirates as their “angel” and hero.  Continue reading

Working Great Behind the Minds of Nexus

Let me share this article which appeared in a Dubai-based newspaper few years back.


This Filipino achiever is proud to have been involved in one of the most rigorous training programs employed by a Dubai-based firm. Roland D. Vasquez, Jr. was Training and Development Coordinator at Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC based in Dubai.  Continue reading

Meet Dubai’s “Hotel Professional of the Year”


One global Filipino achiever, who brings honor, prestige and recognition to the Philippines and whose notable achievements in the field of social and community service thru hospitality and human resource has been recognized far and wide, is a modern-day hero based in Dubai. Continue reading