Filipina helps build communities in the oil industry


Polished, persuasive, and highly qualified professional in the field of marketing. These words describe this 29- year old Filipina achiever.

Kristine C. Tuazon currently works for an oil and gas research company which caters the needs of oil and gas professionals through a range of platforms and events addressing technical, career or training issues. As Marketing and Project Executive of Praxis Global Research, she lives in a world of inspiration and discovery.

Never A Dull Day

Her everyday life is a continuous learning journey. “I work for an organization that believes in work life balance so people around me rarely see me stressed and unhappy. There was never a dull day in my life.”

“I have carried a smile with me always – it is never far away – even if I am having a stressful and unproductive day. Even when people can’t see me, they can feel my smile. My smile has served me well – and I take it with me everywhere.”

As Marketing Executive, Kristine is responsible on developing key marketing communication strategies.

Praxis Global Research has been involved in providing the oil and gas industry with technical learning opportunities through unrivalled interactive technology workshops.

“It’s a one-stop shop for petroleum industry professionals to address training needs through knowledge sharing and interactive discussions in an innovative environment. Our team aims to share knowledge, discover solutions, and build communities across the industry worldwide.”

A World of Innovation

The perks of traveling and networking with people were such a fulfilling experience for her. “I believe skills can also be developed once you put your heart on it. Follow your passion. Simply love what you do. Keep learning and challenge yourself. Push through your fears. Marketing is a world of creativity and innovation, never be afraid of learning new ideas.”

“My profession always challenges me to be creative and to always think out of the box that I find very interesting. I have also been dealing with genres of people that I find enjoyable. It helped me discovered my potentials. I love dealing with genres of people, which made me fell in love with my profession. Marketing has been my training ground and this is where I found my passion.”

She’s glad to have been living in an environment full of positive vibes. “I feel blessed because Dubai has been very nice with me since the time I moved here. Bad publicity will always be part of life challenges. It just depends on us on how we react on things. In my case, I always take these as challenges for me to improve in a positive way.”

Fulfilling Experience

Kristine spent her primary and secondary years at the Our Lady of Peace School in Antipolo City earned her degree in BA Mass Communication major in Broadcast at Centro Escolar University.She started her career after her graduation in 2004. However, she  found her real passion in 2007 when she joined the marketing team of a media outfit back in her home country.

“I worked with well-known public figures in the Philippines. I have met some politicians, celebrities and basketball players. I even had played a double role in a movie when I worked for Star Magic. I can never forget that day! That was the most awkward moment in my life.”

During the hype of her career, she received a good opportunity to work overseas. She relocated to Abu Dhabi in 2007 and worked for the Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company (FMCG) as Marketing Specialist until April, 2010.

“It was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made in my life since relocation was not part of my plans. It took a big leap of faith when I have decided to move in the Middle East. It was really a huge change though I didn’t regret any single thing because it taught me a lot of lessons and made me a better person. Good opportunities seem to be like a magnet.”

She spent the rest of the year 2010 in Singapore as Marketing Executive of Maxvoice Technology, a telecommunications company. “It was another fulfilling experience. I thought that was the end of my journey in the UAE.”

She went back to Abu Dhabi in 2011 as Senior Marketing Executive of Events ‘R Us Company and in 2012 as Marketing Specialist of Fun Ride Sports Company. “It is now my fifth year here in the desert of gold. I would definitely say that experiencing different cultures made my journey worthwhile. It was one of the great adventures of my life.”

For Mahmood Abdollahi, Financial Advisor at Edwardjones, Kristine is task-oriented. “She is definitely a person you can delegate responsibilities as she can well manage deadlines and accomplish the objective. I appreciate her persistence and flexibility during tough circumstances.”

Proud OFW

Her Filipino values made me very proud of my race. “Filipinos are widely known for their professionalism, dedication and warm attitude. Our talents and skills set the bars high globally. I have worked with a diverse culture and I’m confident to say that Filipinos are very in demand worldwide.”

“While working abroad, you will encounter several challenges that will leave valuable lessons in life. I have learned to always wear a good attitude. Working with different nationalities is like living in a jungle, it’s really a matter of survival.”

“Living alone means being responsible for your finances. It’s easy not to care about savings when you’re living under your parents’ roof; but when you’re living alone, and you have to pay for your flat rent and your meals, it’s a different story.”

“I don’t think I have ever valued my family as much as I do now. You truly realize their importance once you’ve spent time away from them. I always relish my chats and phone calls with my mom and dad.”

Passion for Adventure

Kristine has passion for continuous learning, improvement, exploration, and adventure. “My heart is still set here in the land of gold. I’ve gone beyond the extra mile and still reaching for my dreams.”

For her, the shared values and lessons in life are worth remembering.  “In a foreign country, you will find out the different stereotypes of Filipinos. There were even times some Filipinos experiences discrimination, but that only strengthened my Filipino pride. I was always proud to be a Filipino, and I always corrected any misconceptions about us.”

“My OFW life gave me the strength to face my fears, embrace inevitable changes and celebrate successes for me to appreciate and understand the real purpose of my so-called journey.

She believes she’s still a work on progress. “I’m pretty confident that I’m on the right track. I would say that my greatest achievement so far was being able to get out of my comfort zone. Being miles apart from your loved ones and living on your own defies your character. It can make or break you but that was the day I stood still. I have realized that having a good heart, passion and a real goal can lead you to the right path.

“I constantly upgrade myself and strive for more beautiful an opportunity as time passes by. I would like to see myself in the future managing my own events company or travel agency. I believe maintaining a work-life balance like being successful with my own craft and having a beautiful family will make all my dreams come true.”

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IMG_3984THE BLOGGER. Ulysses Espartero is a journalist, historian and book author who traces his roots from two Philippine jewels – Laguna and Antique.  While in Dubai, he enjoyed his expat life documenting the struggles and victories of migrant workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. In 2014, he released Precious Gems in a Desert of Gold, the first and only coffee table book about Filipino achievers in the United Arab Emirates. Connect with him on facebook.


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