Working Great Behind the Minds of Nexus

Let me share this article which appeared in a Dubai-based newspaper few years back.


This Filipino achiever is proud to have been involved in one of the most rigorous training programs employed by a Dubai-based firm. Roland D. Vasquez, Jr. was Training and Development Coordinator at Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC based in Dubai. 

Award-Winning Initiatives

The success of  the company’s training program has been recognized three  times at the Insurex Awards where Nexus was honored with winning the prestigious Best Training award three times. “Nexus values its employees and has a family focused company philosophy.”

We have just submitted our entry for the Insurex Training Award which will happening on 2nd October and on behalf of the Nexus Family and the Training Team I am very thrilled on our submitted entry as it is the outcome of what we all had worked hard for last year. We have won the same award thrice and looking forward to bagging it again at this year’s awards.

A Pace Ahead


Roland’s tasks include planning, designing and conducting training sessions for Nexus’ financial advisers and admin employees. “My job requires me to be highly organized and prioritize tasks depending on the urgency it requires.  Some might say, it’s typically a routine but running my job exerts both mental and physical activity and you always have to be a pace ahead.”

Nexus Group  is the largest Independent Financial Advisors in the region offering a complete range of insurance, savings and investment products which caters to both Corporate and Individual clients.

“We are regulated for the provision of Life Insurance, Savings Plans, Corporate Pensions, Group Medical and Life programs as well as various classes of Personal lines and Commercial Insurance also including Employee Benefits.”

Finding Ways to be Creative


Roland attained athletic scholarship to be able to finish his Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication in 2005 at the Adamson University. He finished his elementary at Malate Catholic School and his high school at Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy both in Manila.


He has always been inclined to training and development ever since I started my career working as a Product and Skills Trainer in a well-known call center back in the Philippines. He worked for GMA Network and Advanced Contact Solutions Paragon International Customer Care Ltd. prior to working overseas.

Though it is entirely different fields (from call center trainer to financial services/insurance industry),  same rules apply. He considers training very challenging, not monotonous and a stand out among all other HR and Administration jobs. “You always have to give it a new approach, find ways to be creative and you get to learn new things as well. You get a rewarding feeling when you get to see a positive outcome with all the efforts you put in your job.”

“You get to showcase your creativity and learn new things – whether it is a new skill you can apply in training or a new technology. The importance of my role in implementing helpful training programs which are designed to improve employee skills.”

Brighter Side of Things


Seeing himself as very self-reliant, cheerful person and with a positive outlook in life, he always thinks on the brighter side of things – regardless of how bad the circumstance he is in. “When bad, inevitable things happen, I don’t dwell in it for too long which in a way it had always helped me overcoming the obstacles I faced. I take life as a series of lessons and challenges but never forget to have fun and laugh at it at the same time.”

His family is the most important and will always come first for him. The youngest child, he has two older sisters. Their eldest who is now living in the USA with her family and his other sister is a successful Country Manager running her own IT business back home.

They were raised by his dad who is a single parent. “We are all proud of him and he served as a benevolent example and a huge inspiration for me and my siblings. For almost 30 years, he spent all his life working in Saudi Arabia as a Safety Engineer to establish and provide us good quality education and privileges a complete family could have or even better.”

“Somehow, I can relate on how hard it was for him like how it is working abroad and away from your loved ones.”

To return that favor and as and as a gift to his dad who have finally decided to come home for good, Roland and his siblings is building a new family dream home

“For my family to be finally all together again will be one of my happiest dreams about to happen.”


Be Resilient


Roland came to Dubai for a visit through a friend’s invitation. “I remember vividly when I first came here having no intentions to find a job and live but somehow fell in love with the city itself. I was quickly fascinated with the cultural diversity. I have met new friends along the way which somehow eased my homesickness. Dubai actually is like a home away from home because you see fellow kabayan everywhere you go.”

In his stay here, he learned how to be very independent, make life choices and decisions himself and taking full responsibility of each of those decisions. He learned to be adaptable and tolerant. “To acquire and apply an “above the usual social skills” to get along with people of different background/culture and to have an “open mind” way of thinking is a must.”

To his fellow expats, this is his advice: “Always remember your top priorities and what’s really important to you. Never forget the reason why you are here in the first place. Whether you are here to support your family and loved ones back home, fulfill your life dreams etc. Never stray far from it and be resilient.”

“Reward yourself once in a while so you’ll continue to motivate yourself.”

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IMG_3984THE BLOGGER. Ulysses Espartero is a journalist, historian and book author who traces his roots from two Philippine jewels – Laguna and Antique.  While in Dubai, he enjoyed his expat life documenting the struggles and victories of migrant workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. In 2014, he released Precious Gems in a Desert of Gold, the first and only coffee table book about Filipino achievers in the United Arab Emirates. Connect with him on facebook.







One thought on “Working Great Behind the Minds of Nexus

  1. I read the story with great interest. I aspire to join Nexus and I am sure at some point I will get an opportunity for the same as well. After reading your blog about the comprehensive training programs for financial advisors, my motivation has gone further up to join the organisation.

    Very well written. Indeed informative and encouraging.

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