Filipina honored with Clap! Clap! Clap! Award 2015


Successful Pinoy Academy  recently awarded a Filipina achiever based in Dubai with the Clap! Clap! Clap! Award 2015.Vagelyn Tumbaga-Federico, a native of San Fernando City in La Union, received the award in fitting ceremonies held on the occasion of the Successful Pinoy Ako (SPA)  Mind Mapping Workshop Grand Reunion held at Dusit Thani Dubai.

The award was handed by SPA Founder Jeffrey “Ximo” Ramos, a Filipino human resource practitioner, book author and a certified professional behavioral analyst and life coach in Dubai.

In her response, Vagelyn stressed she is grateful for the award. “Thank you very much Successful Pinoyako for this very special award… Successful Pinoy Ako clap! clap! clap! Award 2015.Thank you Ximo Ramos for founding this organization and helping us achieve our dreams.”


Vagelyn with Successful Pinoy Ako founder Ximo Ramos

Vagelyn’s success story

Vagelyn was recognized for her successful career as a Human Resource executive. She is presently the HR Director of Dusit Thani Dubai.

2015 is a fruitful year for Vagelyn. She was adjudged as Hotel Professional of the Year by The Filipino Times and  1st HR Achiever by Dubai Hotels HR Network.Her long list of awards includes the following: 2014 Kabayan of the Year given by Kabayan Weekly, Distinguished Alumnae Award conferred by her Alma Mater – Saint Louis University, City Excellence Award presented by her hometown of San Fernando City in La Union.

She has been featured in various newspapers and social media portals as one of the 7 Devoted Women of Change, Top 5 Most Inspiring HR Executives in the United Arab Emirates, a Filipino Achiever, and a Mover and Shaker, among others. She was featured as one of the 36 Filipino trailblazers in Precious Gems in a Desert of Gold.

Her success story continues to inspire a greater multitude of expatriates and travelers  not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in Middle East and Africa regions. Goodwill messages and comments flood Vagelyn’s Facebook timeline.

Donna Manlangit, a Special Assistant at the office of Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago looks up to Vagelyn as an “idol talaga kita” saying, “I love your passion for helping people through your profession. I am sure God will shower you with more blessings.”

Bong Osorio, Vice President of ABS-CBN recalls that he had a “fun time in  Dusit Thani Dubai with gracious host Vagelyn Tumbaga, whose effervescence is simply infectious.” He added, “Lyn is the Human Resource Director of the hotel whose life story is one for MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya). Truly inspirational.”

For Nilesh Mistry, Vagelyn is “a shining example of hardwork, helping and caring, a living legend of triumph over odds of life. God bless you always.” She worked before with Nilesh.

A Model Migrant Worker

Austine Obare said, “I remember my first ever contract in UAE. You Vagelyn Tumbaga handed it over to me with great joy and for sure God has lifted you up. We celebrate your success.”

Arman Primuel, stressed that Vagelyn enjoys an “amazing journey” and she is “truly an inspiration to all the OFW. “I’m so proud of you my mentor and good friend.”

Lydia Littaua expressed her “overwhelming congratulations” to Vagelyn “for being an inspiration to all Filipinos as an ICON of professional competence of exceptionally outstanding leadership.” “We, folks, of the City of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines, are extremely happy and proud of you! Keep up the good work! To God be all the glory! Stay Healthy Happy Lovely Lively Productive Humble Blessed! My blessings and prayers are always with you and your loving family! God richly bless you much more.”

Behind Successful Pinoy Ako

Ximo Ramos, author of the book I Know What To do!- Pinoy Success Handbook is naturally creative and passionate about helping his family, friends and fellow Filipinos. “Some of the rules and regulations of some of the companies in Dubai were not as concrete and as established to favor the employees. As sudden as it came, he had to face the challenges of losing  a job and being away from his wife. He went back to manila disappointed with his career’s fate but full of hope that God will lead him to the direction where he’s supposed to go,” he said.

Ximo found his new calling and made a life-changing decision that would shaped his successful career the years to follow. In writing his first book, he said he was quite reluctant but the thought of conveying the message of hope made him a stronger person. “I feel fortunate to share my thoughts, lessons learned by myself as well as through my interviews with other people who also share the same values on success.”


In 2006, he founded Successful Pinoy Ako (SPA) Training Solutions, an entity dedicated to spread the good news to all Filipinos – that success is reachable and possible in light of God’s promises. SPA now has a total membership of  more than 5,000 Filipinos.


K Brosas performs at the event


Vagelyn with Successful Pino Ako

He has been in the forefront of assisting Filipinos get the best of themselves through the correct or proper balancing of the eight aspects of success through the Successful Pinoy Ako (I Am A Successful Filipino). Ximo believes that the eight aspects of success are career, finance, relationships, health, personal goals, community service, recreation or free time and personal relationship with God.



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