Arch. Jeffrey R. Faranial: Multi-Awarded Architect of Global Fame

  • Position: Visualization Director
  • Company: Kristina Zanic Design Consultants


Jeffrey Faranial is a Licensed and Registered Architect in the Philippines.

He’s presently a Visualization Director, a post he holds since 2012 at the Kristina Zanic Design Consultants. He earned his degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture (2003) from the Technological Institute of the Philippines. He was a Consistent Dean’s Lister and University Scholar.

His first photo exhibit was held five years ago. It was a two-week display to showcase a theme about Bahrain, their lifestyle, culture and the local way of living.

Some of the projects he has done were being commissioned to do an interior and exterior  photography such as hotels, show-flat for residential development, car showrooms, golf and country clubs, private yachts, banks, food and beverage and quite a few of corporate office.

He is also in partnership with some travel companies who are constantly updating their marketing materials.

Not complete without a camera

Despite his success, Jef has this non-traditional way of calling himself. “I don’t consider myself a photographer. I would rather define myself as an individual who fancied photography.”

For him,   it’s the “how” he was into photography. “Possibly, the main factor was getting excited how I would see the subject to my own interpretation, in addition to that will be the keen for architecture and the passion for travel which plays a key role to the subject of my piece.”

He wouldn’t call it specialization however the focus of most of his subject are architecture and travel.

“Before I was introduced to the photography world, going to places was one of the things I always planned to do, but with this I definitely feel that this factor added to the reasons to do more exploration.”

“Having been in the architecture and interior design profession I am in, I see myself enduring more of these hopefully for the years to come. Part of my future plans was to have another exhibit that will mainly focus about the places and travels I collate throughout the years.”

Golden Age

Career wise, he feels that he’s just where he wanted to be at the age of 33. But then again, he believes that there will be future plans and career move he wishes to pursue in the next coming year.

“Success for me is something which makes you feel and excited about what you do with a favorable result, sticking what matters through hard time and living a life you can feel proud of. It doesn’t mean you stand out because you’re different but because you make a difference.”

Jef doesn’t consider he different with the other photographers. “At the end of the day we all want to convey an inspiring thought and message through our photos – having share how we see things in our own way.”


  • HIPA – Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award 2nd Place Winner – Best Photo of Al Marmoum competition
  • Gulf Air Photo Competition 1st Place Winner – November 2010
  • A Design Award & Competition Australia Kristina Zanic Design Consultants gets the prestigious Silver A’ Design Award
  • Featured Photographer for the project Atelier M.
  • RonenBekerman Featured Photography for Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier in Poissy,France
  • CGRECORD Featured in Inspiration Area for Walt Disney Concert Hall Photography by Architect Frank Gehry in Downtown Los Angeles, California.USA

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