HR expert strives to learn to be beneficial to expats in Middle East

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Kieth Walter R. Ayuso is the first Filipino philosopher blogger in the United Arab Emirates. He is HR Officer of Emaar Hospitalty Group.

Effective at work

Picture2“My main tasks in HR department is focused on policies and procedures, exit formalities, visa related concerns and budgeting. However, I am also handling the HR marketing platforms of the company thus it allows me to do what I love the most which is photography, design and blogging as well in the near future.”

Emaar is known for its premium brands in the market. I work for the hospitality sector of the company and our strength lies on the development of many remarkable infrastructures in Dubai such as The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and all the high end hotels in the gulf.

It is, indeed, an exciting day for Kieth. “I get to meet a lot of people from various nationalities, cultures and professional orientation on a daily basis since I work as an HR offcer. Work wise, I do enjoy what I do – the challenges, failures and learning and that makes it more exciting. Yes, there will always be days when you feel really loaded at work and stressed out but if you allow yourself to grow on that vibe, you will fall short. What I do after work makes me effective at work. That has always been my philosophy.”

“Working in the HR department of Emaar allows me to integrate social activities and other engagements within the group and I cannot name just one. I must say that in general I get to incorporate what I love to do most which are photography, designs and social events into my daily deliverables at work. Just love how balance my working conditions are.”

Grow within ourselves

IMG_6098“My family has been very supportive to all my endeavors be it inside our outside my seminary formation. It’s a given that they’ll support my chosen path to serve HIM as I dedicate myself in the seminary but even on own personal ministry, they have faithfully extended their support and honesty in all that I plan to take in life. They are always willing to correct me if necessary. My parents want us to be comfortable and happy to what our chosen career thus they allow us to grow within ourselves in our own way possible.”

Kieth was born on April 15, 1988 in Makati Medical Center. He took his elementary education in Holy Spirit School graduating in 2001 and went to the Oblates of St. Joseph Minor Seminary for his high school (With Academic Distinction, 2005) and college (Cum Laude, 2009).

Out of every single opportunity

“It may sound cliché but I’ve always have this in my heart that only if you believe in12931077_10208225775018810_4588845317166300979_n yourself, everything else will fall into place. At times we are holding back to the norms of being an expat here in the gulf whose chances to be on top of what we do seems very little. But you know for a fact what you’re made of and how well can you become! I’ve learned that nothing is impossible if you will start believing yourself. We don’t need to be really big and be up on the pedestal in order to be successful especially in a foreign country. For me, if you believe in what you do, your potentials will drive you further and you’ll end up being happy. Once you’re happy then you’re genuinely successful. Once you’re happy, you have already maximized what your potentials require you to.”

When asked about his greatest achievement, he considers the recognition he received in Emaar as the Associate of the Year since he feels blessed enough to be part of a very supportive, diverse and healthy team. The 29-year-old achiever really doesn’t consider himself as someone who had a major achievement or its equivalent. “All I know is I put my heart and full dedication to what I do and make the most of what I have.”●

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IMG_3984THE BLOGGER. Ulysses Espartero is a journalist, historian and book author who traces his roots from two Philippine jewels – Laguna and Antique.  While in Dubai, he enjoyed his expat life documenting the struggles and victories of migrant workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. He has released two books – Precious Gems in a Desert of Gold (2014) and Filipino Heroes in the Gulf (2016). Connect with him on facebook.



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